I just want to be prepared.

That's not Stagger. That's John.

They're there alone.

I just don't feel like doing that tonight.


Those who want to know everything will age quickly.


You shouldn't have come back.

Did you sign this?

What was her reaction to the news?


Don't ever lose the faith in yourself... You can do everything you want to do.

You're so beautiful it hurts.

Both companies were sold.


Revised laughed uproariously.


Those two guitars look very similar.


I am not a fan of centrism.


No one pays attention to Kirsten.

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Your voice is sweeter to me than even the song of young birds.


Sir knew I'd be asleep at 2:30 in the morning, but he called anyway.


I'd like my hair trimmed.

A violinist I know says that he owns a Stradivarius.

My favourite word in German is the word 'Handschuhe'.

Marek will get all the help he needs.

There exist supernatural beings.

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I'd never hurt Christophe.

Maybe I exaggerated.

I never used to eat snacks.

I just feel sorry for him.

Neither approach is ideal.

He wants me to go with him.

I didn't tell her. She found out by herself.

They're having a hard time.

Debi promised Monica that he wouldn't tell anybody.


Our car pulled uphill.

We should've realized that Roberto needed our help.

I got your texts.

Put your toys back in the box.

If only I'd been a little taller!


If not for "if" and "however", I would say amen to everything.

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I found my lost wallet.

Cathy is coming to see our baby tonight.

Mahmoud is such a snob.

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Lin says he's been thinking about what Ninja said.


If you want to be respected by others the great thing is to respect yourself. Only by that, only by self-respect will you compel others to respect you.


I'm not going to just throw it away.

We still have each other.

She's a belly dancer.

Where were you when all this happened?

You will be able to speak fluent English in another few months.


Would you mind telling me one thing?

I call the boy and he comes.

Margie hardly ever speaks to us anymore.

This may not be a real diamond.

Tommy is going to school in Boston.


We're all looking forward to seeing you.

I can't save you this time.

He agreed.

Sridhar said you were in Boston.

I thought you might like me to make you dinner.


I don't know whether I can translate this book or not.

This happened a long time ago.

I couldn't understand a word Bjorne said.

I want you to visit Canarsie

Under supervision, he looks after his clients much better.

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Nicolas is almost as tall as you.

What is it you'd like me to do?

Say no more!

After a heated discussion, a compromise was adopted. Smokers will be allowed to smoke in the smoking corner.

In the eyes of the Creator, all are equal.

One afternoon in late spring, Steven went out for a swim and was never seen again.

I think she is withholding information from the police.

I gave Colin a mild sedative.

She keeps him at arm's length these days.

I'm going to correct the homework tomorrow.

She didn't go far.

I really appreciate your offer to drive me to the station.

I want you to return the book I lent you the other day.

I don't know what to do with my leisure.

I'm not much of a one for art.

Hector pointed to one of the pictures and said, "Who's that?"

You shouldn't play with knives.


I thought you said you didn't want to talk about it.

He's rather handsome, isn't he?

The rock has been blasted to make a new course for the stream.


Try as you may, you will never win first prize.


Where could they have gone?

Kimberly didn't say anything at all.

It was lost.


My grandfather doesn't know how to take money out of an ATM.

You got what you wanted, now leave me alone.

I'll explain the reason in the fifth chapter of this book.


I haven't even thought about what I'm going to wear to the dinner.

I expect a lot from Robert.

Cecilia, you look very sleepy.

Johnny very often takes a nap for an hour after lunch.

Do you care what other people think about us?

Jianyun is quite good at languages.

Kevan was leaning up against the wall.

Hatred breeds hatred.

Rich was stunned by the sight of the snow-capped mountains and the lush green valleys below.

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I am weak as regards to girls.

I didn't have the courage to tell her the truth.

Marnix glanced around.

The typical Japanese person doesn't speak English.

Is it true that Japanese think the number four is unlucky?

You're wrong. I'm not pessimistic but sceptic.

Now I'll demonstrate this proposal with puppets.


The girl always carries her doll about.

I am quite tired of daily routine.

Please come with me.

To love someone means to see him as God intended him.

Find out what you can about Tai.

My husband didn't die.

What you do with it is up to you.

I held the door open.

Is he anything like handsome?

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It all happened quickly.

I want to buy the same car that Val wants to buy.

That's why we need you.


We have a lot of other places we want to see.


Do you happen to know when Meehan is coming back?

They sacrificed forbidden swine, and put to death all who refused to eat.

There were no seats left.

The problem is that solar energy costs too much.

He went slowly and deliberately to his car, being careful not to step on the cracks in the cement walkway.


I've received a circular from the bank.

Yellowstone National Park is located in Wyoming.

Saumya flew to Boston last Monday.

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It is his defiant attitude that made the chief angry.

How long have you been engaged?

I tried to talk him out of the project, but in vain.

We'll be in Boston for just a few days.

Promise me you'll help us.

The father of a father is a grandfather, a grandfather's father is a great-grandfather, a great-grandfather's father is a great-great-grandfather, but no word has been decided upon for the generations before great-great-grandfather.

I have made a foothold.

I made Matthieu very angry.

I am fond of reading.

You clean up.

I thought that was impossible.

Hy cried when his dog died.

One event followed another.

It is a good cake.

It's fast and fun.

Having been left alone, the baby started crying.

I used to ride my bike at weekends.

I want to have a proper house and garden.

Dana couldn't read his own handwriting.


That was our mistake.


Also, those of you who don't have the chance to wear a 'kimono', go for it and wear one!


Jamie promised to try again.

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I can't give it to her.

He left without even telling me.

No one says that.

When was the last time you felt love?

I am always proud of my family.

I would like to purchase a wooden deck panel that can be laid on the porch.

I'm feeling sad for Jisheng.

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It was my turn to straighten up the room.

He made a pretense of knowing my father.

Love can mend your life.

Hold perfectly still.

I'd like to know if the train is on time.

Srinivas returned to the campsite.

I want to be as happy as Len.